Real Isn't Always Better

Real Isn't Always Better

Just ask our synthetic turf installers in Richmond, MN and all of Central Minnesota

While real grass can be lush and beautiful, it's not ideal for every location. If you manage an indoor sports complex or a mini-golf course, synthetic turf is probably a better option for your property. Lake Friendly Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC offers outdoor and indoor turf installations in Richmond, MN and all of Central Minnesota.

Turf is also a great choice for shaded courtyards, playgrounds, indoor pet areas and rooftop gardens. If you need the services of a synthetic turf installer, call us today. We can install turf on any commercial lawn, big or small.

Why choose synthetic turf?

You're always on the lookout for practical ways to improve your property, and we want to help. Lake Friendly Lawn Care & Landscaping recommends outdoor and indoor turf installations because our synthetic material is:

  • Durable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Made from recyclable components

All turf can be installed outdoors and indoors.

There are a variety of applications perfect for synthetic turf, such as:

  • lawns
  • pet turf
  • playgrounds
  • putting greens and golf
  • tee lines and hitting box’s
  • baseball and batting cages
  • sport’s fields
  • boulevards
  • roof top gardens.

The best part: With synthetic turf, you'll never have to worry about watering or fertilizing. It is safe with no chemicals, lead free, and HOA compliant. You can even choose the color of your choice. To arrange for a visit from our synthetic turf installers, contact us now.